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Getting through the hard times

A 15 year-old female's story about loss and self-harm.

Hard times lead to even better days

Here is the story of a girl who found the courage to heal from a troubled past with the support of a good friend.

Shy girl

This is Lexi's story of how she found confidence after recovering from self-harm and bullying.

Advice from a depression survivor

On the path to recovering from self-harm, relapses can happen. This is Jalen's story of coping with a setback by seeking help.

Behind those eyes

This is Addi's story of recovering from a sports injury and the depression it triggered.

Feeling unwanted

This is a young woman's story of how she learned to face her depression and take the first step towards change.

Regretful choice

Here is Abby's story of learning to deal with the fallout of a friendship complicated by sex.

From depression to self-expression

This is Jaime's story of finding different ways to cope with the stress of a chronic illness.

Ask the Expert: Overcoming Depression & Thoughts of Self Harm

Check out the answers to questions asked about coping strategies, how to help friends when they are depressed, and how to deal with negative thoughts.

From sexual abuse to self-abuse, how I got through

This is Hannah's story of how she found healing from self-harm and perfectionist tendencies by giving back to others.

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