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ReachOut Stories are written by young people for young people. If you want to share your own story, we encourage you to do so in the ReachOut Forums.


A young woman’s story of healing after being raped by a college senior and overcoming self-harm.

“Dear me”: a letter to my old self

Here is a young woman’s letter to herself, reminding her of the hope she has found to cope with self-harm and depression.

You can make it: learning to cope

This is a young woman’s story about the strength to conquer her suicidal thoughts.

Jess: Loving myself despite my depression

This is Jessica’s story of finding freedom from an emotional disturbance, thoughts of suicide and self-harm.

My life

This is the story of a young man who found help from others to fight his depression and suicidal thoughts.

Learning to cope

This is Sara's story of finding the support she needed to cope with social anxiety and depression.

Hope and hopeless

This is the story of a young woman who used positive thinking and creative outlets to heal from depression and self-harm.

Smiling depression

Megan shares her experience of depression and what has helped her deal with it.

From depression to self-expression

This is Jaime's story of finding different ways to cope with the stress of a chronic illness.

The twenty-ninth

Here's Mike's story on finding love and conquering his depression.

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