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Managing Stress

ReachOut Stories are written by young people for young people. If you want to share your own story, we encourage you to do so in the ReachOut Forums.

Breaking away from my family’s problems to make my own path

Here’s a young woman’s story about breaking free from her family and creating a new pattern for her life.

Your heart will heal

Here’s Allison’s story about reaching out after a hurtful breakup.

Final year at school

A story about the stress of senior year, college admission, and disappointments.


Here is Samantha’s story about gaining the courage to ask for help.

Coping with stress

In this story, Marco explores how music and writing help him cope with his stress.

Dealing with his anger

This is a young woman’s story about coping with an emotionally and verbally abusive older brother.

There’s always someone else out there

In this video, a young woman shares how she learned to deal with breakups.

Music: a true friend

This is Mike’s story of how music helped him cope with depression, loneliness and self-harm.

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