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Becoming Independent

ReachOut Stories are written by young people for young people. If you want to share your own story, we encourage you to do so in the ReachOut Forums.

Gangs and how to avoid them

This is a young man's story of how he found freedom from gang involvement.

Growing up without a father

This is Wilfredo's story about what it was like growing up without a father.

To be a man

Jeremy's story of learning heathy ways to manage the stress of becoming independent in college.

One last breath

This is a story about how a young woman took responsibility for her actions and set her life in a more positive direction.

Learning to trust and open up

Wilfredo describes what gives him hope.

10 years of gang life and jail

This story tells about Marco's experience being part of a gang and his life in jail.

New places, new faces

A story from a 16 year old about moving around, never fitting in and the hardships of being the new kid in school, on the block, and in the city.


Here is the story of a young woman who learned to heal from an unhealthy relationship.

Taking care of myself

Wilfredo shares why he still needs to maintain distance from his family.


This is the story of a young woman who gained inspiration from and found victory over peer pressure.

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