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ReachOut Stories are written by young people for young people. If you want to share your own story, we encourage you to do so in the ReachOut Forums.

In the classroom

This is Ariel's story of learning to cope with debilitating panic attacks.

Finding the one

Read Jerry's story of how he found love despite his anxiety and depression.

Anxiety: A blessing in disguise

This is Hannah's story of overcoming anxiety and depression in the eighth grade.

Stand by me

Katie's story of coping with her anxiety by seeking help from close friends and family.

Coping with stress

In this story, Marco explores how music and writing help him cope with his stress.

Anxiety, what a pain

The story of a young woman who found the strength to overcome a debilitating anxiety disorder. Read more.

Dad or father

This story is about how having someone you love can help heal earlier pain.

It’ll all be OK

This is the story of how learning to communicate with her mother helped Shyra manage her anxiety.

Away for awhile

This is a young woman’s story of learning to cope with separation anxiety.

Making friends

This is a story of a girl who developed creative ways to cope with peer pressure and social anxiety.

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