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Become a ReachOut Ambassador

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No matter how much time or the level of involvement you want, there are many ways that you can support ReachOut. Immediately below are some unique volunteering opportunities currently available. Scroll down for ongoing ways to get involved.

No matter where you are in the country, if you're passionate about mental health and promoting ReachOut and our awesome programs, we want you! Here are some ways to get started:

1-5 minute actions

Online actions you can do in your pajamas:

  • Join the ReachOut Forums to share your story and offer support to help others going through tough times
  • Be an active and positive voice in the topics and issues that are at the heart of Reachout by commenting on fact sheets, stories and blog. Got an idea for your own fact sheet, story  or blog post? Email us with your pitch.
  • Sign up for the ReachOut monthly newsletter for tidbits of fun, if you didn't already during forum registration
  • Be a ReachOut Social Media Guru:  You never know whose life you may impact by sharing information and support around mental health. That's why one of the best and easiest ways to support us is to like and share ReachOut content across your social networks. You can find us at:

15 mins - 1 hour actions

Bring ReachOut to your school, college or community:

  • Request ReachOut stickers, pins or postcards for your school counseling center. Just email with quantities and the mailing address
  • Host a ReachOut booth at school on a mental health awareness day, week or month, or at a local community center, music festival - or anything else you can think of! Just email with details so we can help support and promote your event.
  • Tell your counselor about us so they can refer students to ReachOut to read stories, fact sheets or join the forums
  • Incorporate into any peer counseling program as an anonymous online resource peer counselors can share with students who come to them in need
  • Use any of our We Can Help Us videos that might be relevant to a school assembly focusing on related topics (depression, body image, anger or self esteem)
  • Encourage others to share their story in the forums. They can do it completely anonymously and help others remember they are not alone

1 day actions

Be a Money-Maker for us:

ReachOut is always looking for amazing fundraisers!

  • Have a great idea for a fundraiser? Want to speak at an event or host a booth on our behalf? Let us know at so we can help you prepare and promote the event to our network

Take a look at the ReachOut Youth Ambassador packet for more information and talking points on ReachOut.