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Fundraise for Us

FundraiseWe’ve got a dedicated staff team and an amazing set of youth volunteers here at ReachOut, but it also takes money to keep the website snazzy and our content fresh. If you love fundraising, and care about mental health, we want your support! We’ll support your fundraising and outreach efforts in any way we can, so let us know what you’re up to! Just email us. You can direct people to our donation page.

Here’s Our Top 5 Tips for Fundraising to Get you Started

  1. If asking people for money seems hard, consider this: asking someone for money is just offering them an opportunity to create positive change in the world.
  2. Hearing ‘no’, is no big deal. It just means that at that point, that person is not ready or able to give. Don’t take no personally.
  3. Ask people you know for money. People give when they care about a specific issue but they also give when they care about the person who asked them. Asking your network will often generate more money.
  4. Donating is reallocating: money is hard-earned but easy-spent on things and activities which aren’t necessarily contributing to positive change in society. Position donating as a ‘reallocation of resource’, ie the $4 they would have spend that day on a latte at Starbucks.
  5. Fundraising can be... fun! Money is the end product of the energy and care that people put into their work, so a donation is someone investing that energy toward the change that they want to see in the world. Their donation represents their commitment to that belief and you will be playing a part in that when you fundraise for us.

Some Ideas to Get You Going:

  • Host a ReachOut stall at your school or community center, with information about mental health and ReachOut stickers and buttons and run collect donations. Just email us to order materials.
  • Use your strengths and do a sponsored event for ReachOut, whether it's climbing, a marathon, bike ride, sponsored silence!
  • Do a bake sale with your friends - c'mon, no one can resist a good cupcake...
  • Leverage mental health month in May- hold an assembly, ask your teachers to run a class on mental health and run a collection at school through out the month. We've got ideas for teachers here.
  • Run a school lottery with a donated prize from a local business - all proceeds go to ReachOut
  • Set a silly prize for bigger donations, like for each $50 gift, you'll text a selfie of you dressed up as a muppet
  • Have a grand fundraising total to help motivate everyone to reach your goal
  • Hold a big event and charge entry; a talent show, silent disco, stand up comedy night, poetry slam...

Have your ReachOut elevator speech ready, especially if people will be distracted or in a rush: ‘ReachOut provides online information and support to young people going through tough times."

Don’t forget to tell us about your fundraising, or just fill out the form below!