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Community Guidelines

Important Information

The ReachOut forums are a safe, anonymous space where young people aged 13-24 years can connect with other young people and talk about tough times in a productive and positive way. Our mission is to help youth strengthen mental wellness through technology-driven resources and peer support.

ReachOut is not a suicide, counseling, or crisis service that provides professional advice. If you, or someone you know, is having suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of hurting others, please call 911, or the Your Life Your Voice Hotline on (1-800-448-3000) now, or visit get help for more information.

The forums are monitored by adult moderators and by young volunteers who have been trained to provide support. We are concerned about everyone in the forums but are not professional counselors and therefore not equipped to deal with users whose situations exceed the scope of this site’s purpose and capability to help. We encourage anyone whose needs are greater than we can meet, to seek professional support, or call a crisis service, like the Your Life Your Voice Hotline.


The community is driven by you, so drive safely and sensibly. Help us to make the forums and site the best they can be by following the below guidelines. These are actively enforced - posts that are not in line with guidelines may be deleted or edited, and users may be emailed if this occurs. Users will be suspended if they repeatedly break the guidelines, which exist to maintain a healthy and safe environment for everyone. Watch this video created by our youth volunteers, to better understand the guidelines, outlined below.

Be Nice

  • Be yourself and have fun! We want you to share your story, insights, experiences, thoughts and personality with the community.
  • Be honest and open. It’s a safe anonymous community!
  • Be respectful and understanding of others’ experiences, thoughts and beliefs. Treat everyone the way you’d like to be treated. Conversations should be supportive and encouraging.
  • Don’t mistreat, bully, shame, harass, offend, or be mean to anyone in the community.
  • Don’t post anything that is graphic or explicit that could trigger or upset other members of the community. Triggering details include descriptions of methods of self-harming behaviors (including description around cutting or eating disorders), details about suicide attempts and graphic details of abuse or other harmful behaviors.

Help Yourself

  • If you are suicidal, do not post here. Call 911 if you are in immediate danger, or risk of harming yourself or others. Your needs are better served by a crisis service like the Your Life Your Voice Hotline at 1-800-448-3000 or visit get help for more information on services that can help you.
  • Do consider following up on helpful information and resources suggested to you by moderators and peer supporters.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions, that’ll help you understand how to use the forums on a technical level.


  • Copy…right! Don’t upload anything that isn’t yours or that you don’t have permission to use (this includes images, music, videos).
  • Give credit where credit’s due and don’t steal anyone else’s ideas or words.
  • Consider the reputation of individuals and organizations and avoid material that might damage them.
  • No one likes to be harassed, threatened, abused or offended, so steer clear of obscene or indecent content.
  • It’s a no-brainer, but don’t encourage anyone else to commit a crime or hurt themselves or others.

Preserve Anonymity

  • Don’t use your full name (nick names are ok though) when creating a profile.
  • Don’t post any private or identifying information about yourself or others including your school name, home address, email, Facebook or other social media.
  • Protect yourself and each other- preserve anonymity, even if you recognize or identify another community member you may know offline.

ReachOut is for 13-24 year olds. If you’re under 13 years (due to COPPA), please join the forums when you’re old enough or in the meantime, visit or contact YourLifeYourVoice by phone, chat or text. 

These community rules were written to complement the ReachOut terms of service. It’s really important that you are familiar with the terms of service .