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Suicide, Self-Harm & Loss

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Self-harm and cutting

Deliberate self harm, self-injury or cutting is when you deliberately inflict physical harm on yourself, usually in secret. Learn about why it happens and how to stop.

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Worried about a friend who is self-harming

Self-harm is when people deliberately hurt themselves. Learn about what to do if you are concerned about your friend's actions and safety.

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Helping a friend after someone has died

If someone close to one of your friends has died, it might be tough for you to know how to help. Learn ideas about how you might be able to support your friend.

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Is your friend thinking of suicide?

If your friend tells you he or she is feeling suicidal, take it seriously. Learn about the steps you can take to help.

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What are suicide warning signs?

People who are suicidal can give some sign that they are thinking about suicide. Learn about these signs and how you can help prevent a suicide.

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After someone ends their life by suicide: how you might feel

Understanding why someone takes their own life can be really difficult. Learn about the emotions you might experience and how to tell other people.

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If your friend has taken pills or hurt themselves

If your friend has taken a substance get them help immediately. Learn about getting help and managing your reaction.

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Worried about someone feeling depressed

When a friend is feeling down for a long period of time it can be hard to know what you can do. Learn about some ways you may be able to help.

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