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I Am Worried About Myself

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What are suicide warning signs?

People who are suicidal can give some sign that they are thinking about suicide. Learn about these signs and how you can help prevent a suicide.

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Child abuse

When a person is abused as a child, the harm inflicted can last a lifetime. Learn about the effects of abuse and how to get help.

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Rape and sexual assault

Sexual assault is a crime. Learn about what it is, why it happens, how it might affect you, staying safe, getting help and the law.

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After someone ends their life by suicide: how you might feel

Understanding why someone takes their own life can be really difficult. Learn about the emotions you might experience and how to tell other people.

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Controlling your drinking

Even though the legal drinking age in the United States is 21, alcohol is widely abused. Learn how to be smart about drinking and keep it under control.

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Intimate partner violence

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is abuse that takes place between two people who have a romantic relationship. Learn about the forms of IPV and how to protect yourself.

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Experiencing violence

Learn about the different types of violence and what to do if you experience a violent situation.

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Assessing your safety

At times we underestimate the amount of danger we could be in. Being safe is important. Learn actions you can take to ensure your safety.

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Signs you might have a drinking problem

The first step to getting help for a drinking problem is actually recognizing that you have one. Some signs that you might have a problem with alcohol

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