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Violence, Sexual Assault and Anger

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What to do if you are being bullied

There are many things you can do to stop bullying. Learn the facts on how you can try and work it out yourself or ask someone else to help.

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Abusive relationships

Not all relationships work out, no matter how much we might want them to. Learn the key signs of an abusive relationship and what to do if you are being abused.

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Resolving an argument or disagreement

It is normal to argue or disagree with people. Learn how to resolve your differences in a constructive way.

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Interpersonal violence

Interpersonal violence occurs when one person uses power and control over another. Learn about the different types of interpersonal violence and ways to stop it.

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Stopping anger turning into violence

Learn ways to identify and control your anger and how to avoid your anger leading to violent behavior.

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Joining a gang

People join gangs for many reasons and sometimes it might seem like the pressure to join is too much to handle. Learn more about ways to deal with pressure.

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Date rape drugs

Date rape drugs are types of drugs that are used to aid someone commit sexual assault or rape. Learn more about prevention and what to do if you think you have been drugged.

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Learn about the risks and consequences of exchanging nude images or sexually suggestive text messages via cell phone.

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Child abuse

When a person is abused as a child, the harm inflicted can last a lifetime. Learn about the effects of abuse and how to get help.

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Rape and sexual assault

Sexual assault is a crime. Learn about what it is, why it happens, how it might affect you, staying safe, getting help and the law.

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