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Loss and Grief

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Feelings after someone dies

After someone dies you might experience a variety of immediate emotions. Learn about some of the initial reactions you, or others, might have.

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How talking to someone can help

Everyone goes through tough times. Learn the benefits of talking to someone about how you're feeling.

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Helping a friend after someone has died

If someone close to one of your friends has died, it might be tough for you to know how to help. Learn ideas about how you might be able to support your friend.

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Getting through a break up

If you decide to end a relationship, it can be difficult for both people, and respecting one another will make things easier. Learn some ideas about how to get through a break up.

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Experiencing grief

Losing a loved one means you're probably experiencing a lot of different emotions. Learn about the stages of grief and how to get through the grieving process.

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Moving on after someone dies

It can be hard to move on after someone you care about dies. Learn about taking those first steps back into your usual routine.

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After someone ends their life by suicide: how you might feel

Understanding why someone takes their own life can be really difficult. Learn about the emotions you might experience and how to tell other people.

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Medical and financial decisions after someone dies

Making decisions after someone dies can be stressful. Learn about the types of decisions that need to be made and ways to deal with the process.

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How to deal with grief and loss during holidays and special occasions

Learn some ideas that may help you better manage special occasions after you have lost someone you loved.

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Communicating about grief with your family and friends

After someone dies it can be hard for everyone to adjust. Learn how to relate to friends and family after someone has passed away.

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