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LGBTQ: Sexuality and Gender Identity

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Being bisexual

People who are attracted to men and women often identify themselves as bisexual. Learn facts about bisexuality.

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I think I might be gay, lesbian or bisexual or transgender

Trying to know for sure if you're attracted to someone of the same sex can be very confusing. Learn about discovering your sexuality.

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Being a lesbian

Women usually describe themselves as a lesbian when they are attracted to other women. Find out more about what is means to be a lesbian.

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Being gay

Men usually describe themselves as gay when they find that they are attracted to other men. Find out more about being gay.

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Ten things to consider when coming out

The 'coming out' process is different for everyone. Learn 10 things to consider before telling someone about your sexuality.

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Coming out

The term "coming out" is used by many people and means something different to everyone. Learn the facts about "coming out".

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Exploring gender identity

If you or someone you know is questioning or exploring your gender identity, this fact can help you to better understand what it means to be trans*, some challenges trans people face and some helpful resources.

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Coming out conversation starters

Starting a conversation around coming out can be hard. This fact sheet can help you prepare for different common scenarios.

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Finding the gender pronoun that’s right for you

Check out this fact sheet for tips on finding and exploring pronouns that are a right fit for you.

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Debunking LGBTQ myths & stereotypes

Read up on some of the myths and stereotypes that surround the LGBTQ community and what types of stigma or obstacles these misconceptions can cause.

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