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I Am Worried About Myself

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Suicidal thoughts: wanting to end your life

If you are feeling suicidal, it's important that you keep yourself safe. It is possible to get through these times. Here are some suggestions to help.

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When life sucks and you feel like shit

Life can be rough sometimes, and most people, at one time or another, feel really awful. Learn about why this happens and and what you can do about it.

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Impact of drug use on your life

It is not unusual for a person to feel confused about whether to take drugs. Here a few ways of how drug use can change your life.

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What to do if you are being bullied

There are many things you can do to stop bullying. Learn the facts on how you can try and work it out yourself or ask someone else to help.

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Self-harm and cutting

Deliberate self harm, self-injury or cutting is when you deliberately inflict physical harm on yourself, usually in secret. Learn about why it happens and how to stop.

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I think I’m pregnant

Figuring out if you're pregnant is not always an easy thing to do. Learn about how to tell if you are pregnant.

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Abusive relationships

Not all relationships work out, no matter how much we might want them to. Learn the key signs of an abusive relationship and what to do if you are being abused.

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Stopping anger turning into violence

Learn ways to identify and control your anger and how to avoid your anger leading to violent behavior.

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Overcoming an eating disorder

An eating disorder is when a person has extreme disturbances in eating behavior. Learn how to help someone you think has an eating disorder.

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Ways to reduce drug use

This fact sheet contains information about options for reducing drug use including reducing accessibility, support options, counseling, self help and treatment options.

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