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Thread: overall view and the song that made me think about how my life actually was

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    Post overall view and the song that made me think about how my life actually was

    Linkin Park - My December i hope everyone has a great rest of December, going to miss these forums so much, was nice meeting all of you, i hope you can find the support your looking for somewhere near you, the toughest part about forums closing is that you get to meet people then when they close its like as if they were gone, i realized this a few days ago noticing my absence on these forums, wish i was there to support all of you, my life has turned around I'm meeting people feeling more confident in things i do and a lot more happier than i was when i first joined these forums, this song right here made me realize these forums were closing really soon i wanted to get my last input in before the end came, i hope they get these forums up and running again soon, see you again in this lifetime on these forums or in another, this song really made me really think about things, if you take the time to realize there's more to life and take in the songs lyrics and think about things you'll see a different perspective this song may make you cry, make you sad, make you angry but for me this song made me realize what i have been missing by going through tough times its not easy i believe in you you can make it through this your the hurricane nothing can stop you but yourself.

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    Hi LLHG!

    I'm so glad you dropped by to give us an update. It sounds like things have improved for you. I'm so happy to hear that!

    I think you've expressed the thoughts of so many regarding their time here on the forums. It is very much a loss for so many, but you provide some real encouragement and hope for everyone. That shows just how strong and kind you are to reach out to others!

    Stay strong! You are such a wonderful person. I know that there are even brighter days ahead for you!
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