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Thread: (bi) unrequited crush

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    (bi) unrequited crush

    I'm a 14 year old bisexual girl and currently crushing on one of my friends, who is also a girl (J). I have a few problems in my current situation:
    -I've only been able to tell three of my friends, two of which go to my school. I haven't told anyone else because I'm uncertain of what some of them think of LGBT+ individuals. I know for sure what some other friends think, and that's the reason I haven't told them.
    -I haven't yet told J about my sexuality; I don't know how accepting she is.
    -I am 95% sure she's straight. (The remaining 5% is wishful thinking lol).

    It's highly unlikely that J's into girls. But even if she is, it's even more unlikely that she'd like me.
    Any advice on what to do or how to deal with this? She's my first same sex crush and I don't really know what to do.

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    Hello aqui,

    I'm glad to hear that you have a few friends that you can be open with and talk to, and have been able to share your true self with as well. Choosing who to and when you come out is completely up to you, and how comfortable you feel with how each person will process and react.

    It sounds like you're navigating having a crush on a friend, and that can be a bit difficult. Sometimes, the person that you like, unfortunately may not reciprocate the feelings, or isn't available for various reasons. By the way it sounds, you're pretty sure that she isn't available. If you feel that your feelings may affect how you react around her, maybe try talking with someone about it, so you can express those emotions, and have a little chance to reflect. When I had a crush on one of my close friends, and knew that there was no chance for us, it was pretty difficult to be around him, but the feelings eventually faded, and I found someone that I had much more in common with.

    We're all here for you!
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