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Thread: Am I gay?

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    Am I gay?

    I know that only yourself can label your sexual orientation but I really need help with this. I am 15 years old. I have never dated anyone (male or female), but I am almost certain that I am gay.

    It is hard for me to picture my life with a man. Whenever I imagine myself being with a guy, it just feels like there is something off. I can’t imagine kissing a male because it turns me off. No matter how hard I try, I can’t even imagine dating a boy. I have forced myself to have crushes on boys, but it never works out. Imagining myself with a girl is a completely different story. I can easily imagine being with one and spending my life with her. I can date her and kiss her. I have never actually had a real crush on a boy, but I have had actual crushes on girls. When I forced my crushes on boys, I would feel no attraction to them. I wouldn’t get nervous around them, and I wouldn’t stare at them a lot because I wasn’t attracted to them. When I have a crush on a girl, I do get nervous around her, and it seems like I can’t stop looking at her. I know these aren’t girl crushes (the kind when you want to look like them) because I actually do want to date these girls.

    In my gut feeling I am 99% sure I am lesbian. I have denied it for a pretty long time, but I am accepting it now. I have stopped forcing myself to have crushes on boys and just let myself have a crush on whoever I like (which are all girls). I started to realize that I might be gay when I got my first crush (a female) in 7th grade. I feel like if I dated a girl, it wouldn’t be an experiment. It would be more like actually finding someone that I love. Like I said before, I know that only yourself can label your sexuality, but do these feelings mean that I am gay? Also, do you have any advice about what I should do to help me figure out my sexuality? It is hard for me because I have never dated anyone, but I can really only imagine being with a girl.

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    Hey there sky! I'm glad you're here to talk about this, there are tons of people who want to talk and support you here. I'm really glad you're starting to feel like you can accept yourself the way you are. I think it's important to remember that you don't have to have a label if you don't want to. You can just take care of how you feel and make sure that you are comfortable. I found some fact sheets that might help you though, I hope they do!

    I hope those give you some reassurance that everything you're going through is totally normal! Does anyone else have any advice for sky?

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