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Thread: One less try

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    One less try

    Hello fellow readers,
    sorry about the long time in between postings. My life has changed a lot! I finally made the move to New Mexico to be with my mom. I love it here. My sister is moving down soon. Although I fight with my mom it's nothing like being with my dad. This is my anxiety free zone (unless my dad is mentioned). My mom has made a new friend here and her family welcomed my mom and I almost immediately. I am searching now for a therapist/psychiatrist and a job. I am so much happier here. The only anxiety I have really felt was knowing my dad was driving a moving truck of out belongings here. Of course tonight (less than 72 hours prior to his supposed arrival) he calls my mom almost sobbing with anxiety saying he wouldn't be able to come. I have two issues with this A) 2 years ago he drove an even bigger truck for my older sister from Wyoming to Illinois and B) whenever I had anxiety of any kind when I lived with him it wAs always completely irrational. It just irritates me that anxiety is being used as a get out of jail free card with him. I don't know how to feel but I just want my stuff. I'm currently living in a apartment with my mom and the only furniture we have is a queen size blow up mattress one chair and a kitchen table. It's frustrating. Too close for comfort. Although I'm happy here I'd be much happier if i had my own stuff...

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    Hello Beantheredonethat,

    It's really great to hear from you again! I'm so happy for you, and really glad to hear that you love it there! One of the best things about moving is discovering all of the great things that particular area has to offer, whether you're into music, literature, nature, or shopping! What are some things that you've discovered thus far?

    I'm terribly sorry to hear that you're struggling with anxiety tonight. I know that you have worked so hard to work through that, and have been able to use some great coping strategies before. How about turning to some of those helpful activities?

    Even though you are not at the exact point that you want to be in life right now, you have come so far. That's all you! You've been strong, made goals, and have achieved them!

    We're all here for you, and we truly care!
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