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Thread: Had sex for the first time and scared!

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    Unhappy Had sex for the first time and scared!

    Hey!! I had sex for the first time and I'm scared that I'm pregnant. I have irregular periods and the day after having sex I thought I started my period but it was only spotting. ( I had sex late at night and started bleeding the next morning when I went to the bathroom)This stopped after a day. I need to know if it is possible to bleed the day after having sex or was my period going to start but stopped because I'm pregnent?

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    Welcome to ReachOut babe1128! We’re really glad to have you here!

    I can see that you’re feeling concerned after having sex for the first time. I also see that you’re feeling scared, and I’m really sorry that you’re feeling so stressed. Do you have someone in your life that you can talk with at this time? Maybe a family member, other trusted adult, or a trusted friend come to mind. It can be so helpful to have someone around that can listen and offer up some support.

    Some people do experience some bleeding after having sex for the first time, but it doesn’t usually last for long. If you’re concerned, it may be a good idea to contact a doctor. We’re not doctors here, so we really can’t say what the cause for the bleeding the next morning could be. Since you’re concerned that you may be pregnant, you can take a test by purchasing an at home one from a local drug store or pharmacy, at your local family planning clinic, or from your doctor. You usually have to wait until after your first missed period for the tests to be more accurate.

    Any time you have unprotected sex, pregnancy is possible. With the use of condoms, not only are you protected from contracting STIs, but when used properly, they can be 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. Just a couple of things to think about for next time!

    I’ve include a few fact sheets here for you! I think you’ll find them really helpful!

    We’re all here for you!
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