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Thread: Feeling low

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    Feeling low

    Hey everyone,

    I have gone from being a graduate of a top 15 college earlier this year to feeling like I have dementia. Anxiety and depression (with anxiety starting in September and depression this month) have caused me to feel massive brain fog. It feels like I'm stressed all of the time and many days I find myself crying. I also have restricted affect display, which is where when I talk there's no emotion in my eyes aka zombie face. There's no spontaneity in my speech and it's hard to have conversations with people. All I can feel is sadness. I had to quit my job because of a lack of concentration. My spatial memory skills in terms of knowing directions and where my body is compared to surrounding objects has decreased. My memory in general is poor. I forget where I put stuff down where i live and am not good with meeting new people. When I was at my job I would meet a person briefly one day and then the next day completely forget what that person's name was. I have always had a great memory. I just feel ... slower. I tried a Lumosity cognitive test and scored 11th percentile for people ages 20-24. I have been taking a gap year while applying to medical schools but now that seems like it's not a possibility. One thing I am fortunate is that I have very understanding and caring parents who are letting me live in their house for now. I had been on [...] with not much effect and am now taking [...]. I also scheduled CBT and am considering doing an outpatient day program. I just hope that I can get back to feeling like myself: happy, spontaneous, smart, confident. Or else I'm not sure that I can live an independent life. Does the brain fog go away? Or have I done too much damage to myself? I know what stress and depression can do to the brain. I had been stressed from extreme teeth pain that I believe was a side effect of the [...], and then I was really stressed about hair loss (which could be a side effect or just from stress). And now I'm stressed and depressed about my diminished cognitive skills. It feels like I'm in this hole that I can't get out of.

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    Hi chennis, welcome to ReachOut!

    I am so sorry to hear that you are struggling so much right now.

    Have you brought up the brain fog and other symptoms to your doctor? We're not medical doctors here so we can't give any official advice about symptoms or medications, and perhaps there is something your doctor can do to help the situation.

    I'm glad to hear that your parents are supportive of you while you're going through this! If you do ever feel like you need to talk to someone, the youth helpline Your Life Your Voice is always there for you(1-800-448-3000). They're free, confidential, and available 24/7. They've got the options of emailing, texting, and chatting online as well if you're not a phone person. You can find out more information about those services here.

    I can only imagine how tough things are feeling for you right now, just keep staying strong! You can and will get through this. There will be brighter days ahead.
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