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Thread: Am I being prejudice against the military?

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    Am I being prejudice against the military?

    I started this journey right after high school it's called College. My family are big on military and with me being the eldest of the 8 children I'm suppose to set a high pedestal. But I choose to go to my local community college on which my family thinks that idea sucks. They don't like the idea of a community college because they are big on big names like BCU, UNF, UF FAMU, and yeah UF but I'm trying to think of the overall costs and my decision. I went the community college route....and my little sister graduated this year and went to the Navy. Everyone is all super hype for her but on my future decision they seem just satisfied nothing more. They'll spend over $400 just to go see her in Chicago graduate from boot camp but me they hardly will spend a dime to take me to my classes or at least help me get a car. Should I be feeling this way? Am I wrong for not wanting the LOVE and respect as a military person. I'm going to college to get this bachelor's degree so that I may help people as well in my field.....but why is my rank so low compared to someone in the military. I don't understand how they have more respect but I probably will be doing the same job as them. Don't take this the wrong way I love Veterans but I don't like when people attack people like me who wanna go further without the military STATUS. 😓😥

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    Hello queenambi,

    It sounds like you’re feeling overlooked, and like the odd one out for taking a different path. It must hurt, and I’m really sorry for that. When you made the decision for your career path, and to save money by attending a community college, you were making the choices for you and your future. As far as wanting love and respect, no, you’re not wrong for wanting that. Those are both things that I think I can say we all need, and deserve.

    Do you feel that you could talk with your parents about it, and let them know how you’re feeling? Perhaps you could write it out first, using some (or all) of what you have told us here, and go from there.

    We’re all here for you, and always willing to listen!
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