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Thread: Am i normal?

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    Am i normal?

    Well, i went to a school that was very liberal and sex positive(one might say), everyone started experimenting with sex, alcohol, drugs etc. I on the other side was very nerdy and didn't even socialize much, needless to say i didn't have many friends. However in a school where girls and boys bragged about getting laid i felt like i was the only one not getting any action, not that i haven't tried, but you know i was considered wierd. So it went that way and i graduated a virgin. Now i know people say you can experiment with sex in college, but here's the thing i don't want to go to college. I teach coding online on a famous commercial website and i get paid a lot. I plan on doing something with my coding skills, so college is ruled out.

    All these thoughts in me beg a few questions, am i normal? are there any people out there like me? and where does an anti-social virgin like me is going to meet someone?

    fyi i'm a guy.

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    Hello depressedyoungadult, and welcome to ReachOut! We’re all so glad that you’ve joined us here! I think it’s really cool that you are skilled with coding and even teach it.

    It can feel like everybody around you is in a relationship, having sex (or both). Maybe there are a lot that are, but I can assure you that there are people out there who have (or do) feel like you are feeling right now. You ask the question “Am I normal?”, but then couldn’t we all ask ourselves that very same question be it when thinking about this topic or another? It’s normal to feel this way, and to ask yourself questions like these.

    If you want to meet new people, how about looking into some interest groups/clubs in your area? I used to go out with a photography meet up group, and not only did I learn about my hobby, I also met people who shared that common interest with me. If you have the time, maybe check into volunteering somewhere, which is also another great way to meet people!

    It’s OK to be single, it’s OK to be a virgin, and it’s OK to be whoever that amazing person inside of you is! We’re all here for you, and always willing to listen!
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