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Thread: I need some help!

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    Exclamation I need some help!

    Hi, I'm new to this website but I need some help, please. Last night my boyfriend and I had sex, with a condom. But I'm unsure. When he entered me, it was painful but I was relaxed. After a while it was just a sting and it felt weird but good. When I got home, and used the restroom, it stung, is that normal? And another question, I'm unsure if the hymen broke because there was no blood, yet it was painful. Um, could the pain be due to having sex a day before getting your period?

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    Hi xPumba,

    Welcome to ReachOut!

    It sounds like you're worried about what you experienced after having sex, and I'm sorry for the stress that you must be feeling right now. It's great that you came here to get support, though.

    Do you have someone to talk to about your concerns? Maybe a family member or a close friend? Talking with someone can help you release tension and sort through things.

    We aren't medical professionals here and so can't provide you with any definite answers to your questions. If you are worried about the pain that you're feeling, then you may want to see a medical professional.

    I can provide you with some helpful information, though, that might guide you toward the information you need. There is a fact sheet on losing your virginity and an article from Scarleteen that includes a section on pain and bleeding after intercourse.

    Let us know how things go. We care about you, and we're here for you!
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