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Thread: Need advice on bisexual problems

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    Need advice on bisexual problems

    Hello I've been on this website before but I haven't been on for several months.
    On my previous post I've said that I've currently identified as bisexual and before I had only told one close friend well surprise I've managed to tell another close friend yay! I'm trying to tell another close friend but the time is never right and lately I've been having thoughts about if this friend is bisexual as well. I'm starting to really hope she is and now I'm confused about why I'm thinking this and how to tell her I'm bisexual ? I can't tell if I'm hopeful for a bisexual friend who I can relate to or if I'm romantically interested ?
    Please give me some feedback 😊

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    Hi, Kiri. Congratulations on successfully coming out to a couple of your friends (let me tell you, I've had some awkward experiences in that department). If I were in your situation with your (possibly) bisexual friend, I would tell her. Wait until there's a good time- there's no rush and no pressure to tell anyone- and it's likely that if you tell her you're bi, she might tell you if she is too. As for the friendship/romance, I would say to wait on in and figure your feelings out before you make a move (if any moves are made). It can be hard to tell sometimes whether you're romantically or platonically attracted to someone sometimes, especially if you're still sorting your sexuality out. Essentially, my advice is to go with your instincts. Whatever makes you most comfortable is often the best bet.

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    Hello Kiri,

    It sounds like you have been able to talk about your true feelings with a couple of your friends, and I'm really glad to hear that! As far as this other close friend is concerned, it seems like you're unsure. I can imagine it would be nice to have someone else in your life that you could identify with. Someone who knows what you're feeling. That's always nice to have! If you feel that it may be more than that, give it some thought.

    We're all here for you!
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