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Thread: My parents won't let me get a job!

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    My parents won't let me get a job!

    Ok look, I'm 17, I'm not a little baby. But apparently my stupid parents think I'm still a little baby, and I can't keep myself afloat because of it. In fact, I have barely any gas in my vehicle, and with no money, I'll inevitably be stranded on the side of the road. So many other seniors in my school have jobs and are paying for their own things and getting ahead, while I'm stuck in idle, held by red tape. I've tried everything, to no avail. I declare myself a failure. Loser. Ratchet. Chump. Slob. Whatever you want to call me. I guess suicide is the only way out now...

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    Hello permanently,

    It sounds like you're really reaching for some financial independence. It must be really frustrating to feel so stuck, and I'm truly so sorry. It doesn't make you a failure, a loser, ratchet, a chump or a slob. You are none of those. You're a person who is feeling the stress of financial burdens who just wants to find a way to lessen that. It sounds like you've tried talking with your parents, but it hasn't worked out. Do you feel that you could write down some of the goals you wish to reach by getting a job and then re-approach the topic with your parents by showing that to them? Sometimes it helps to have things in writing, directly in front of someone to help support your idea.

    It can be really helpful to have someone that you can talk with. Maybe there's a family member that you can talk with who may even be able to talk with your parents alongside you. Perhaps you can think of another trusted adult like a teacher or school counselor.

    Another thing you can do is call the helpline Your Life Your Voice at 1-800-448-3000. It's free to call, available 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and confidential as well. If you'd like to find out more about this and their other options for contacting them, check out their page via THIS link. It sounds like you could really use someone to talk with tonight. I hope you'll give them a call.

    There is always hope, keep holding on to that! Your life is valuable and worth so much. I believe that you are going to get through this. Things will get better! We're all here for you, and always willing to listen. Stay strong!
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