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    Sex Life

    Okay so im an 19 year old lesbian female who is in a relationship with another 19 year old female. Okay so I just needed help on how I should approach a situation regarding our sexual life. In our sexual lives we play around with each other and teasing each other getting each other horny. Then we'll take a shower & go back to doing the same thing. She'll kiss me on my neck &down my stomach. then my inner thighs and stop. I'll do the same just leaving her hickeys on her boobs. Then she'll say can I have head and I'll get her hornier and sure enough she gets what she wants. After she has came numerous times as well as squirt she'll pull up her pants and say she's tired. Then just falls asleep & I'm just still there all horny and what not.

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    Hello Justthere, and welcome to ReachOut! We’re glad to have you here with us!

    It sounds like you’re feeling unsatisfied with your sex life at the moment. That’s a total bummer. Have you considered talking about it with her? It may help to try some new things, and mix it up a bit to see what could be the most pleasurable for the both of you. Communication is a really helpful tool, and can often lead to strengthening a relationship, and help with problem solving as well!

    I’ve included some reading from the fact sheet section here at ReachOut, as well as a couple from the Scarleteen site that I think you’ll find some great information in!

    We’re all here for you, and always willing to listen!
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