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    Hey... so I'll get straight to the point. My parents are unbearable. The best way to describe this is to give an example. They came home yesterday, and when I said there was no bread my mom told me to put my shoes on as I was going with her to the store. When I came back out, my mom and my dad were talking, and my mom told me I'm not going anymore. I was really confused but said OK, but as I was walking out she made the comment "Things change, that's life". It came out of absolutely nowhere, and got me pretty upset. She then told me to sweep the floor, and as I was doing it I was doing it I was reading on my kindle. She immediately got upset at me and told me to put it down because "I could not take two steps without it". That annoyed me even more as she knew that it wasn't true. She made a comment about me being upset for no reason, and I ended up saying that I wasn't. We got into a big argument, and she was constantly saying that I couldn't have an opinion, and that I had to do whatever she said without question no matter what. I ended up saying that I was tired of always arguing with her, but she still kept arguing. Eventually she ended up taking my kindle away. What really infuriated me though was that she said to "man up just take it". I got mad at her for that to, and after the argument she made the comment that I was lying about having a lot of homework the past two weeks. Her reasoning was that she had found me watching a live-stream while doing my homework one day and immediately assumed that it was the reason I wasn't getting my homework done, when I took the break because I had worked on my ISP (Independent Study Project) nonstop for the past two weeks. The teacher is terrible at teaching and I pretty much have to teach myself. I'm tired of arguing with her and if feels like she is just taking her anger out on me... I'm getting to a point where I can't take it anymore. It doesn't help that my brother is at basic training for the military, so I can't get his advice on this. I've also don't have anyone to talk to who I trust and would understand.

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    Hi Vergo, welcome to ReachOut!

    I am so sorry to hear that you have been fighting with your mom lately. It is always rough when we are fighting with family. I have a few fact sheets that you might find helpful, I hope you will check them out! This one is about fighting with your parents, this one has some great tips on resolving an argument or disagreement, and this one is full of information on how to communicate effectively.

    Perhaps you could try writing all of the things you want to say to your mom ahead of time, and the next time you guys are having a discussion, you can bring the list up. If you start to feel choked up or emotional, you'll have everything you want to say written down right in front of you that you can use as a guide.

    Do you have any trusted teachers or school counselors that you could talk to about these things? Sometimes having someone outside of the situation to talk to is a great way to vent your emotions. If you don't have anyone you feel you can talk to, there's also always the option of calling the youth helpline Your Life Your Voice(1-800-448-3000), they're free, confidential, and available 24/7! They also have the option of texting, emailing, or chatting online, and you can find out more about those services here.

    Stay strong, you can get through this!
    Note: The ReachOut Forums will be suspended after December 31, 2015. All existing threads and posts will still be available to read and review, but no new posts will appear. We hope to gain new funding, and be back soon, but in the meantime, here are some places where you can keep talking and get support:

    -- Your Life Your Voice
    -- Ok2Talk
    -- American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
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