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Thread: dont know where to turn

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    dont know where to turn

    I've been struggling with depression for about a little over 3 years now. I never had those bad thoughts about killing myself until towards the end of 8th grade year so 2 years ago. At my charter school I sent a not so good picture. I didn't get busted but since there was only like 60 kids in my graduating class the picture spread quickly. On top of that it was on my birthday. Anyways the only reason I went to school the rest of the year was because of my education and I wanted to show how strong I was. After the first day of the picture spread I got home and cried myself to sleep. Then the next day before going to bed I cut myself. I eventually stopped until the bullying started. Last year I also got bullied. But that wasn't the reason why I started cutting again. Every time I saw the cut or scar it reminded me to stay strong. I'm asking for is how to get suicidal thoughts out of my head? I've been seeing a therapist and that doesn't help much. What should I do?

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    Hello lostinthisworld,

    It sounds like you've been struggling for a couple of years, and have been through so much in that time. It must feel so overwhelming, and I'm truly sorry for that. If talking with your therapist hasn't helped much, do you feel you can tell them that? It can be helpful to open up with others you trust as well. People like family members, school counselors or other trusted adults. No matter what you deserve the help and support that you are seeking.

    Another thing you can do, even right now, is call the helpline Your Life Your Voice at 1-800-448-3000. It's free to call, confidential and available 24/7. I hope you'll consider calling them tonight. It sounds like you could really use someone to talk with. If you'd like to find out more information about this and other ways to contact them, click THIS link to their page.

    When you're feeling overwhelmed, how about trying to distract yourself with a good movie, book, or some music? Other things you may find helpful are writing, coloring, puzzles, or going for a walk. You could even bring your phone with on that walk and text or call someone.

    You are not alone in this! We're all here for you, and we truly care! Stay strong!
    Note: The ReachOut Forums will be suspended after December 31, 2015. All existing threads and posts will still be available to read and review, but no new posts will appear. We hope to gain new funding, and be back soon, but in the meantime, here are some places where you can keep talking and get support:

    -- Your Life Your Voice
    -- Ok2Talk
    -- American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
    -- Trevor Project Trevorspace for LGBTQIA youth
    -- ReachOut Australia forums

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    Hey lostinthisworld,

    This sounds like a truly difficult situation. Suicidal thoughts can be really tough to fight away and dealing with them for so long is exhausting! Something that might help to get those thoughts out of your head could be whenever one of those thoughts come, try taking a deep breath and telling yourself, "It's just a thought. I don't have to act on it. The thought happened and now its done and I'm going to think about something else."

    Another thing you could try is taking a notebook (or a journal or diary if you have one) and write at least one reason per day (or one reason every time you are feeling suicidal or self harmful) for staying alive and/or not hurting yourself. Here are some to start you out:

    I'm going to stay alive today because:

    - I am unique and irreplaceable. The world would not be as complete as it is now without me in it.

    - I want to see the full extent of my potential.

    - There are people who love me and I want to stay strong for them.

    - I am an individual and have a unique view and perspective of everything I come across. Without me no one would ever be able to experience things this way.

    These are just a few of many reasons to take care of yourself! You are beautiful and irreplaceable! I hope this helps

    I believe in you!

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