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Thread: Trying to Find Career Nirvana (And obviously failing)

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    Trying to Find Career Nirvana (And obviously failing)

    Hi guys, I'm one of those cliche 20 somethings who have grown up being told they can be anything they want, and now I'm here. An intern out of college, totally lost and confused.

    I have never had a sure path or passion. In fact, I seem so obsessed with giving myself as many options as possible, that I have probably stopped myself from following a few passions.

    Once you train yourself for a career and specialize, the other opportunities close off pretty quickly, so I'm afraid to specialize. I could go into a program for landscape design right now, and I'm so close to actually following through with it, so my mind is blowing up with neigh-saying remarks: Nobody cares about plants, why should you? A lot of Landscape designers either can't find work, or design parking lots their whole lives. You might have to start your own business; you'd hate that. You won't ever be able to travel. Don't you love traveling?

    My fiance says that a lot of people can never really find the perfect, fulfilling job; that I should pick something and roll with it, and don't look back; to be satisfied. He says the reason a lot of people are unhappy is because they spend too much time trying to find perfection when they should be enjoying what they have.

    And philosophically I agree with him. I would be much happier if I didn't spend so much time agonizing over every decision. But a career? I mean that's a big deal! Shouldn't I be agonizing?

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    Hello UpAndAway,

    Finding the right career path for you can take some time. It's different for everybody! It doesn't hurt to have a list of jobs that you feel you would find fulfilling, as well as aspects of jobs that you feel would be the right fit for you. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself that you miss out on what could be an amazing job opportunity. Having a variety of options isn't always a bad thing, but if you feel that having too many isn't the right thing for you, then perhaps you can try to scale it back a bit.

    It may be a stressful time for you right now, and I hope that you can set aside some time each day to unwind and find some peace.

    We're always here for you!
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    Well, you definitely shouldn't be killing yourself over a job. I mean, I get it, you want what you want, and you should certainly go after your dreams. However, not at the expense of harming yourself with worry and the likes. Perhaps you should prioritize your work to see what you might enjoy the most and will best work out for you, or sit down with your fiance and honestly tell him what you're feeling. What do you want is what you need to ask yourself. Good luck, do not over think it, enjoy what you got of course, but don't be afraid to strive for more, especially your dreams, have a wonderful day.

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