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Thread: Ways to Introduce Yourself

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    Ways to Introduce Yourself

    So, basically we think you're awesome because you found your way here. So, that's step 1. Tick.

    Step 2 - Tell us a bit about you. Honestly, don’t be shy, this is one of the friendliest communities out there. The vibe here is about sharing, compassion and understanding, so no one is here to judge. Promise.

    Go back to the main Introduce Yourself section here and click on the black button called 'Post New Thread' at the top left (if you're confused, watch the short video below).

    Here are some ideas on what you can write but just write whatever you feel like sharing:

    1. What's your favorite thing in the world to do?
    2. How did you hear about this community & why did you join?
    3. What are you struggling with right now?
    4. What are you looking forward to right now?
    5. What is something surprising and unique about you?

    Can't wait to meet you! And remember...

    No, seriously... you are.

    ps. don't forget to pick your avatar/profile pic, so it shows up by your post. Click here to find out how.
    pps. How to post a new thread vid:
    How to post a new thread from Reachoutfilms on Vimeo.
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    How to get more replies to your forum post

    So first things first, the main thing is that you say what you want to say on ReachOut, so go with your gut. These are just a few tips, which make it easier for others respond to your post.

    1. Ask a question
      Asking open or direct questions let people know that you want them to respond and also give them some direction about what you’re looking for. People want to know how to help you best, eg: “Has this happened to anyone else?”, “Does anyone else know what I mean?”, “What would you do in this situation?
    2. Disclose something personal
      You say something personal and then, usually, someone else reciprocates. That’s how we build trust. So, by opening up in the forums, even if it feels a little scary, people are more likely to respond to you with their experience on the topic. Remember, it’s brave to be vulnerable.
    3. Paragraphs and images
      Paragraphs are easier to read than solid blocks of text, emoticons and images are always fun.
    4. You gotta give a little to get a little
      Online relationships work much like offline ones; if you build friendships and respond to others, they’re more likely to respond to you.
    5. Don’t make your post tooooo long
      The main thing is that you say what you want to say- just know that if you’re post is a whole page, or very complex, it’ll take others a little longer to process it, so you might get fewer responses. It’s all good either way, but you can always break your story up into different parts, or focus on one issue at a time.
    6. Follow the Golden Rules
      Make sure your post follows the community guidelines – our golden rule at ReachOut is support, so in short, be nice. If your post has anything mean, judgey (which is rare) or triggering, it might be removed or edited and get a lower response rate.
    7. Try to post in the right place
      People scan the forums by the latest posts or specific topics of interest, so try to put your post in the most relevant category. Question about a family situation? Go to ‘Friends & Family’. Just want to chat? Check out the ‘Hanging Out’. The mods have your back though and can move your thread if needed.
    8. If you’ve got time, give it a once over
      A quick proof makes sure your post is easy to read and others will understand what you’re saying.

    The most important advice of all?
    Don’t be afraid to make that post! This community is kind and caring, and wants to support you. Everybody is welcome at ReachOut, no matter what’s happened to you, how you’re feeling or who you are. So:

    If you’re not already registered to post, register here in a few minutes »
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