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School Pressures

ReachOut fact sheets are written by young people for young people and edited by a mental health professional. Want to discuss the topic in more depth? Visit the ReachOut Forums.

Going back to school after break

Going back to school after a break can be hard. Learn some tips to help you get motivated for the new semester or quarter.


According to some estimates, more than one-third of American teens have experienced cyberbullying. Learn about what it is, how it makes you feel and how you can stop it.

Studying tips for exam time

During exam time, it's important to try and keep things in perspective. Learn ways to reduce stress if things seem to be getting on top of you.

Meeting new people

In your day-to-day life you'll have to meet new people. Learn some tips to help make the process as successful as possible.

Date rape drugs

Date rape drugs are types of drugs that are used to aid someone commit sexual assault or rape. Learn more about prevention and what to do if you think you have been drugged.


Learn about the risks and consequences of exchanging nude images or sexually suggestive text messages via cell phone.

Binge drinking

Many people drink so much that they get drunk. Learn more about what happens when you drink too much.

Starting at a new school

Moving into a new school can be an intimidating and nerve-racking experience. Learn about managing the situation and getting help.

Flunking at school or college

Flunking out at school or college, or getting worse than expected grades. Learn about why this might be happening, how it might affect you and ways to manage it.


Relaxation is important. Learn some relaxation techniques such as perspective and deep breathing to learn to deal with stress better.

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