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Supporting Your Family

ReachOut fact sheets are written by young people for young people and edited by a mental health professional. Want to discuss the topic in more depth? Visit the ReachOut Forums.


You might be on the verge of running away from home or you might already have. Learn more about ways to get help to stay off the streets.

Supporting someone with a mental illness

Often friends don't know how best they can help someone with a mental illness. Learn some tips for making your friend feel more comfortable.

Preparing for parenthood

This fact sheet contains information about being a parent and some ways to make sure it's a happy experience for you and your child.

Living with someone experiencing depression

Living with someone who is experiencing depression is not easy. Learn how you can help them and look after yourself.

Being a young caregiver

If you are a caregiver you most likely have large responsibilities. Learn ways to look after yourself as well.