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Family Dynamics

ReachOut fact sheets are written by young people for young people and edited by a mental health professional. Want to discuss the topic in more depth? Visit the ReachOut Forums.

How can I develop coping strategies?

Developing coping strategies or tools to cope, is a powerful way to deal with life's inevitable challenges. Learn some new ways to cope.

Resolving an argument or disagreement

It is normal to argue or disagree with people. Learn how to resolve your differences in a constructive way.

Adoption: searching for your birth family

Finding out you are adopted might make you want to find your birth family. Learn about things to consider before making that decision and steps to begin the search.

When parents are fighting: dealing with a break up or divorce

Watching parents fight is hard. If this leads to your parents breaking up or getting a divorce, learn how to make sense of the situation.

Child abuse

When a person is abused as a child, the harm inflicted can last a lifetime. Learn about the effects of abuse and how to get help.

Trust issues

Had your trust broken by family or friends? It's normal to feel hurt or even betrayed and wonder how to trust again. This fact sheet can help you cope.

Leaving home

Many people eventually leave the home they grew up in and find a home of their own. Learn about making that decision and preparing to leave home.

Arguing with your parents or guardians

Families disagree with each other sometimes. Learn ways to defuse the conflict and help bring about a peaceful result.

Finding out you’re adopted

People can feel a mix of emotions when they find out they are adopted. Learn about how to cope with these feelings.

Gratitude, forgiveness and happiness

Being grateful for the past can positively affect your future. Learn tips on how to positively influence your happiness.

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