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Being single

It's ok to be single!

Sometimes you might feel like everybody around you is in a relationship. This can be tough, especially if you feel pressure to be in a relationship. Remember: it’s okay to be single.

Everyone is different. We all want different things out of life. There are lots of reasons why you might not want a relationship, or feel like you are not ready to have a relationship right now, and might be happiest single.

There are also a lot of great things about being single:

  • Your decisions only affect you and don’t involve a partner’s wants or needs
  • You can concentrate on doing things you enjoy
  • You can spend time with your friends and venture to new places to make new memories
  • You can meet new people and not have to worry about a partner’s jealousy

If you do choose to be single, it’ll give you more free time to do what you want, like:

  • Hang out with friends and rekindle old connections
  • Focus on school and/or work
  • Enjoy extracurricular activities, like learning to play a sport or acquiring new skills

If your friends give you a hard time

If friends are hassling you because you are single, it might make you feel angry or hurt or embarrassed.

Reflecting on why you are choosing to be single can also be empowering. Maybe at this very moment being in a relationship isn’t something on your priority list. You may have a sense of independence and you feel like being in a relationship will hold you down.

If you don’t feel like you’re ready for a relationship, then don’t rush into it. If your feelings change in the future, that’s okay too. In the meantime, enjoy yourself.

Last reviewed: February 27, 2014
Edited by: Becca

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