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Don't Just Stand By Competition

A competition for 13-18 year old programmers to develop a Facebook application that empowers young people to speak out against cyberbullying in online communities.

Meet the 3 Winners!


Timothy Mullican, 15
Huntsville, Alabama

Timothy Mullican, is no stranger to programming – he created his first app when he was in the sixth grade! Timothy just finished his ninth grade year at Westminster Christian Academy. Per Timothy, “I created my app so those who are being cyberbullied would have an easy way to identify and report offensive posts among their Facebook friends.” Winning this contest is just the beginning as Timothy’s career goal is to be an Information Security specialist for private industry or the U.S. Government.

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Zuhair Chaudhry, 15
Hinesburg, VT

Second place winner, Zuhair Chaudry attends Champlain Valley Union High School. Zuhair’s app focuses on pledges Facebook users can make – both by telling an adult about a cyberbullying occurrence and/or writing a supportive post in those who have been cyberbullied.

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Alexa Alpern, 18
Ocean City, Maryland

Alexa Alpern just graduated from Stephen Decatur High School and is an award winning, Olympic training figure skater. Alexa plans to follow her passion for technology as Computer Animation major at Edinboro University this fall. Alexa’s app comes in the form of a video game asking players to respond to mock cyberbullying offenses in a chat room setting.

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