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Spreading Random Acts of Kindness Anytime

by RO_Meredith Community

random acts of kindnessOfficially, Random Acts of Kindness Week just passed, but ReachOut intern Stephanie Castillo thinks that's all the more reason to keep the celebration going! Check out what she has to say and be sure to read Stephanie's bio below!

Kindness is contagious, and while it is often confined to holidays or birthdays, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation encourages people to spread kindness every day. During the Random Act of Kindness Week from February 11-17, those efforts to make other people feel extra special were further intensified.

Why do we need the reminder? With school, work and the demands of everyday life it’s easy to overlook the people who care and help motivate us to be better people. It’s not an easy task, but we can all make an effort to celebrate those individuals in small ways.

Even if you missed the memo around the official week of celebration, you can still embrace the random component. After all, the point is that kindness and gratitude are not bound by time, so remind all those friends, family, and mentors around you and those important to you how special they are.

It’s a good exercise that we should all practice; trying to take some time out of our week to recognize the people who enhance our well-being or made positive impact in our lives. You can either tell them or write it down so that you can always remember. Spread that kindness to others also and don’t forget to appreciate yourself as well! Focus on things that make you grateful, on those little moments and interactions that make you happy.

Show your friends and family members that you value them. For some of us there are multiple people in our lives that we can appreciate on this day. But even if you can’t come up with tons of names the ReachOut Forums are a community full of people willing to listen to your story, ideas and advice.

Sometimes it’s hard to look around and appreciate the different factors in our life that keeps us going. Whether it’s a coach, a teacher, a friend or a ReachOut member, remember to take the time to appreciate them. Who are some people in your life who need a little appreciation? What are ways you can strengthen some relationships with friends or family members? What are some ways that you can appreciate yourself a little more?

Find ways to strengthen existing relationships or build new ones, and remember that there is always time to appreciate and acknowledge those who care for us. Let’s try not to use our time to look at what’s missing in our life but to cherish what is already there!

For more tips on expressing gratitude, check out this fact sheet:

Gratitude, forgiveness and their influence on your happiness

Photo from a Random Act of Kindness project posted on Flickr by jillallyn.

About Stephanie

StephanieMy name is Stephanie Castillo. I’m a journalism student in my junior year in college. Although I never worked on a newspaper in high school, I always appreciated the outlet journalism had to offer.  Journalism teaches you to communicate effectively and clearly. This was something I had a lot of trouble doing when I was younger. I kept a lot of things bottled up inside and was often overwhelmed with emotion. That's also what drew me to Inspire. I'm very excited to work for an organization that helps people open up without feeling stigmatized for seeking help. I know from my experience that's one of the best ways to avoid feeling alienated. By reaching out you can build a community of people who care, support and ultimately inspire each other to grow and change. I want to encourage young people to take that step. I want to learn to listen and help foster a community that understands that the power to change comes from within. I'm excited to do that during my time at Inspire by helping develop fact sheets, work on the forums and more.



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