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Share Your Story

by Luke_


Why Should I Share My Story on

Great question. Your peers come to to get the facts on a wide range of mental health topics and read real stories from others who have navigated the difficulties of life. Sharing the story of how you got through or are getting through a tough time can really help and inspire your peers to take the steps or seek the help they need. There are so many different ways to cope with mental health challenges, and we can never have enough unique points-of-view––aka we'd love to have your story on our site! Because no one says it like you. 

Check out the awesome stories are our site here

How Do I Get Started?

It's simple. Write your story out and send it to so we can get you published! Try to keep your story between 300-600 words.

Here are a few more guidelines that most of our stories on the site follow. These may help you think about the best way to organize your story.

1. Introduce yourself and your story (intro)

Instructions: No last names or anything private, just a little bit of info so readers can see if they have anything in common with you––remember, Reachout is for 14-24 year-olds and we concentrate on peer support.

2. What is/was your tough time? (adversity)

Instructions: You will want to let those who will be reading your story understand what the difficulty was that you worked through, but go easy on the drama.

3. How did you get through it? (story perseverance)

Instructions: What got you through the tough time? Were there things you did or didn’t do? What’s the one message you would like to leave with the person who listens to your story?

4. How might you sum up? (conclusion)

Instructions: Maybe just a sentence or two that lets the reader know that you made it (or are making it) and feel confident he or she can too, or communicate in some other way a sense of hope.

Remember to keep your story between 300-600 words and send it to

ReachOut 2 Me: The Holiday Spirit of Support

by Luke_

'Tis the season of hope and help - remembering how thankful we are for the good things in our lives, and maybe being a little kinder to those who need our support.

As part of the ReachOut2Me campaign, Nov 24th - Dec 8th, our volunteers have shared their stories of thanks for giving and receiving help - and how empowering that can be. Here's how our Youth Ambassador Alex responded the first time he was reached out to by someone who cared:


I broke down, exhausted from ‘secretly’ fighting my illness for so long. My mom flew up to visit me, and from that moment on I began fighting, effectively, with the support of my family and friends. Everybody I approached and sought help from was not only understanding, but most were able to empathize, not only making my recovery easier but also strengthening my bonds with those people.

No one knows more how tough it is to say this - we could really use your help this year.

Here are 2 easy ways to get involved:

1. Help spread the word by following us on social media and sharing our RO2ME campaign

2. Donate to ReachOut now and help us reach more youth than ever is built on the premise that we all go through tough times, and those times can seem even darker for teens and young adults struggling with mental health issues. 1 in 5 US teens suffers from a serious mental health condition, and half of them don't get the help they need. In the past year, has seen over 2 Million US visits, that's a 100% increase from the year before.

We know teens and young adults need the info and support we're offering - and your donation will continue this effort.

We hope this time of year is filled with family, friends, laughter, joy, love and gratitude. We are so grateful for your support over the past year and beyond!

ReachOut Forums Suspension

by Luke_

It’s with a really heavy heart that we announce that the ReachOut forums will be suspending operations on December 31, 2015.

You might be thinking, “what does that mean?”

The forums and all of the conversations will still be visible online – you can read through anything you’ve posted and see all of the responses. But starting in January, you will not be able to create any new posts.

We’ve been honored to be a part of the lives of our 20,000 forum members, in helping them get through tough times, supporting them when they were low, and cheering on their successes.

So, why is this happening?

We had a grant end earlier this year, and we have not yet been able to secure a new one to support the costs of the forums. We are working on getting new funding, and we hope that we can re-open them in the near future. Until then, you can still read through all of the forum posts, and check out the fact sheets, stories, videos and more on

If you want to learn more or talk about this loss, check out the fact sheet or talk in the forums now, we're still open!

You can also find support from these great sites:

Your Life Your Voice (

Ok2Talk (

Trevorspace (

ReachOut Australia Forums (

Thank you for making the forums such a special place!!!

National Coming Out Day 2015

by Luke_

October 11th, 2015 is National Coming Out Day. Here at ReachOut, we celebrate all LGBTQ youth and support their personal choices about coming out.

The term “coming out” is used by many people and means something different to everyone. “Coming out” often means telling others you’re attracted to people of the same sex, identifying yourself as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, or telling others that you identify yourself as transgender, or deciding to tell others about your feelings and attractions.

We know that coming out is a complex issue - here's some info & stories that might help you understand it better.

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